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The BAYLAG-ULZII Co., Ltd is the Mongolian Camel wool, Yak down, and cashmere Company, operating since 1991 and is originated in Bayankhongor province, the south-western Gobi-mountainous area of Mongolia, In the beginning, of the 1990s Mongolia undertook serious economic reform – the country stepped in the market economy from the whole economy, forming agriculture to heavy industry, fell under the direction of central planners and cooperative leaders. This principal change has allowed the development of private sections in the country. In parallel with the historical changes founders of the Company have traced to appear the first private cooperation in the local area. Having chicken feed capital and a few staff the Company carried out simple business activities, even though it is difficult to say business as it is required, without any qualified knowledge and experience the Company started its activities dealing with trading and exchanging agricultural raw products mainly livestock products with customer goods between the provincial areas and capital city, and further between the capital city and China bordering areas. The great privilege of the local area of Bayankhongor province, having camel and yak breeding husbandry, and a long-sighted attitude to our future business together with great interest to help herders have defined our main business scope.
Encouraging the herders and buying young camel hair with price over the existing at that time market rate, the Company started to selectively collect young camel hair since 2003 and produced high quality yarns for Mongolian knitting industry. Further since 2006 with obtaining experience and improving knowledge of cashmere production industry the Company extended its business scope producing young yak and camel cashmere end products.Today we became one of the leading national producers of cashmere products with national brand name of BODIO’S. The unique of the Company is yak down and camel wool, which is produced up to truly extraordinary luxury fiber.
About Company


The Company is a knitted and woven yak down, camel wool, and cashmere sweaters, hats, outer coats, jackets, trousers, blankets, and other items of more than 100 types, entirely made in Mongolia. With the high quality and good services, more than 70 percent of our garments have been exported abroad and we have very good business relations with our customers from Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, France, Japan, Korea, and the USA.


Establishing the Company Mr. Ulziibodijav Jambal and Mrs. Munkhtuya Lkhamsuren have ensured that the Baylag-Ulzii Company delivers excellence in customer service, as well as the finest and luxury cashmere garments, our first priority was to put a strengthened management team in place. As a result of it today we created a capable and respected management team consisting of 12 persons, the Company also boasts a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce of over 100 persons. Some of the existing employees have followed their parents or relatives into the company ensuring the traditional skills required for the making of cashmere fine products. In addition, the Company has 4000 sq.m working and building areas including factory, showroom, warehouse, office, parking place, etc.
Winner of CBI’s Inspirational Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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Winner of CBI’s Inspirational Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) awards 2014 in category Supply Chain Engagement.CBI (Centre for the Promotion ...

award 2014

Bodio’s Brand is owner of “THE BEST 100 BRAND 2014 OF MONGOLIA”, which is awarded by Mongolian Business and Commerce ...
The Best Tax Payer Entrepreneur of Mongolia

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Baylag Ulzii LLC is appraised as “The Best Tax Payer Entrepreneur of Mongolia”.
​The production process

​The production process

Yaks produce two types of fiber: coarse outer hair and a fine down fiber that grows before the onset of winter as additional protection against cold. The down fiber is shed in early summer if not harvested and shedding is greatest from the belly of the yak and less from the back and rump.

Fine down fiber or cashmere is collected by herdsmen during the spring molting season in May when the yaks naturally shed their winter coat. The mixed mass of down and coarse hair is removed by hand with a coarse comb that pulls tufts of fiber from the animal as the comb is raked through the fleece.

The other raw hair of our products is camel hair. Hair may is collected by shearing, combing or by collecting fiber shed naturally during the six to eight-week molting season in late spring. Fallen hair is normally gathered by hand.

The yak mixed mass and camel hair is collected directly from herdsmen by the local cooperatives, who are the member of Company’s network in the Bayankhongor and Arkhangai provinces, located in the central, western and north western mountainous areas of Mongolia. Further the Company’s staff collects row materials from the cooperatives. Then the collected down and hair delivered to the Company’s factory for sorting them by color (classified into 4 natural colors) and quality. The sorted materials are delivered to Gobi Company (the largest cashmere producer in Mongolia) located in Ulaanbaatar City (the capital city of Mongolia) for washing. The washed down hair are delivered back to the de-hairing factory of our Company for de-hairing.

For the fine down fiber to be sold and processed further, it must be de-haired. De-hairing is a mechanical process that separates the coarse hairs from the fine hair.

Most companies will run a batch of raw yak fiber through the de-hairing machines four or five times, losing some 2/3 of the bulk in the process. However we insist on an extraordinary seven or eight de-hairing passes. This results in a drawdown of 75% of the original mass. The exquisite 25% that remains is known in the trade as “tops”. Accordingly from 100 kg raw down we got 25 kg pure fine hairs or cashmere only, where 30 kg of end product is essential for other producers in Mongolia.

After the yak down tops are spun into yarn and knitted into garments, Bodio’s best-in-class finishing techniques assure a final product with an almost unimaginably soft “hand”.

The Bodio’s yak down is completely natural and comes in the basic three colors yaks themselves come in: dark and medium brown, and the light grey or platinum shade that is one hundred more rare than cashmere.