Mongolian platinum yak down is one hundred times more rare than cashmere

Bodio’s has made a specialty and an art out of collecting, processing and knitting this rare natural product, which was selected in 2012 for inclusion amongst the exclusive six fiber varieties that qualify for the exalted designation Mongolian Noble Fibre.

Indeed, the light grey Mongolian platinum yak down is the rarest yak pigmentation — by far. In some countries, like Tibet, all yaks are brown. Even in Mongolia, the platinum shade comprises less than 5% of the annual yield — enough to make a mere 2,000 garments.
Most knitwear, even in cashmere, includes yarns that have been bleached, or worse, bleached and then dyed. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to bleach fibers without damaging the outer cuticle and significantly diminishing the softness of the finished product.
Bodio’s Mongolian platinum yak is 100% natural. The effect is noticeable to the touch. And visually, even to the untrained eye, there is a special radiance about natural coloration.
Which is why the odds are you’ve never encountered a sweater or a scarf quite like one of Bodio’s.