Mongolian yak down

Yaks originally come from Tibet. They were first introduced to Mongolia together with Buddhism when monks used them as transport on their pilgrimages.

By preference, yaks live at high altitudes where it’s extremely cold. And so they appear to us almost comically overgrown with their exceptionally long and incomparably insulating hair.

As yaks inhabit high altitude and endure cold weather they developed uniquely warm down wool that repels humidity. For this quality, we are not able to dye yak down and that actually provides us 100% natural and organic product. A recent study shows that yak down is 40% warmer than Merino wool and 17% warmer than cashmere.

Despite their wild appearance, yaks have little or no odor. And finished yak down is naturally resistant to absorbing scents and smells, making it ideal for activewear. And because it requires less frequent washing, your cherished yak sweater will outlast its wool or cashmere counterpart.

We process up to 40% of all yak wool collected in Mongolia. At every stage we take extra care meticulously which enables us to have an extra soft touch to our finished products.