Camel Festival

In 1975 Mongolia had 800,000 heads of camels, however it has being decreased over the years falling down to 200,000 only in 2003. The main reason of the dramatic decrease was replacement of camel use for carting with modern techniques and means such as vehicles, motorcycles and trucks. Accordingly camel was kept for meat only. As the camel gives birth ones every other year, the camel population was decreased incredibly.
The Camel festival was organized in the Gobi region, which has provided to gather all herders breeding camels at once and to herders themselves to be happy with their camels’ capacity, and to hear good information on benefit of their camel heads growth. Out of the bonus for camel racing, bucking and having Camel beauty pageant, the main award was the bonus to herders who increased their camel heads. This competition was announced every year and it was a good encouragement for camel growth in the last few decades in the native land of the Company founder.
In 2015 Government statistic show that camel population had increased 101% in the region, which is the highest growth so far in Mongolia and in total camel population is reaching 350 000 and is growing more. At the present time being there are several herders owning several hundred camels and number of herders owns more than 1000 camels. Most importantly herders now bear strong message that responsibility of existence of this majestic feature is in their hands and willing to raise them more in the