Goat inoculation project


Before animals were privatized to the herders in Mongolia after becoming democratic state all animals used to belong to Stste during communist era and therefore state used to take care of the animals and for their health too. After collapsing of communism new democratic government privatized the animals and gave it to the herders, which was empowering the herders. But animal health care system also was abandoned as state didn’t have responsibility and herders were not ready to pay for their animal health. This directly affected the quality of the livestock in Mongolia
With the help from concerned partner we started the vaccination, washing, sanitation and getting rid of parasites and diseases in 2015 for the first time in last 25 years. The entire region of goats and sheep received 5 different veterinarian service for free.
Receiving the injection, washing and sanitation the health of the animals is going to boost significantly and that will directly benefit the herders as they will get healthier and stronger herd. This also enables the consumers to have safer by products such as milk, meat and for manufacturer it will be better quality cashmere, wool and raw hides.