Water Project


    Gobi means waterless place in Mongolian language revealing the shortage of water especially good quality of water for drinking. Most of the people in the Gobi region drinks out of short wells or open water resource quite often contaminated with minerals on the surface and animals that are grazing around and drinking out of same source. This causes serious hygiene problems among the people especially for young children.

    As a pilot project we funded to have proper well that provides good quality of clean water in Bayangobi village in the Gobi. We found extremely good source of water little bit outside of the village and piped it into the village with 4 distribution points to serve the entire village with water from 70m below.

    With clean and abundant water supply Gobi villagers not only supplied with good healthy drink but also it opened whole lot of new opportunities for them. For example many families started running the green houses, planting trees, building public bath houses and having a water fountain.