Restocking of livestock


In 2000–2001 Mongolia suffered of severe winter disaster, which is called “Dzud”. It has beard away more than 80 percent of total heads of livestock in Gobi region. About one hundred thousand of livestock died out of 120 000, primarily due to starvation of being unable to graze and directly from the cold, threatening the livelihood of herders. Many herders have lost all their livestock therefore their entire livelihood.
The disaster has called us to help to herders and the Company organized an activity to provide the herders with livestock, which was purchased from other areas out of the disaster coverage. 40 goats were provided to each of 40 families suffered severely in the disaster. Total of 1600 goats were distributed and by breeding the goats the families survived the Dzud and revived their livelihood.

Today the region is counting up to 200 000 head animals mostly goat that supplies sustainable income every year that becomes their major income of the year. Many flourished including some of them getting recognized by the government not only their improvement of life of their own but their positive influence in the region. As a result this is one of the primary areas to provide much valued and sought out white cashmere in Mongolia.