Improving live condition


As most Mongolian Gobi region villages are located in far remote corners, they lack of basic needs for comfortable living. Especially the school dormitories, local hospitals and kindergarten are always in need of simple basic goods such as blankets, electronic devises for teaching, washing machines and books etc. Without these they don’t provide comfortable living condition for those who are in the Gobi region.
We in cooperation with Mongolia Aid from Australia, established NGO - Gobi Revival Fund, dealing with support of Gobi herders and improvement of their living condition. The fund was applied for the purchasing and distributing of supply by goods of primary necessity
such as electronic devices, books and curriculums for schools, and washing machines, 50,000 bed sheets and blankets for hospitals, school dorms and kindergarten.
With 50 000 blankets, 10 000 shoes, electronic devises, washing machines and numerous other goods raised from donation and other sources provide comfort and improve living conditions of many in the Gobi region.